Biomechanical assessment / Orthotics

Experiencing pain in your feet or lower limb?

Pain in the foot and lower limb can be caused by many factors.

Our objective, through a detailed examination of the foot and lower limb, is to identify if your gait is affecting the way that you walk thereby resulting in pain and discomfort.

The assessment involves a detailed history and examination of the foot and lower leg with advice given on our findings.

A cast is taken of the foot and advice is given regarding a suitable prescription for insoles.

We provide different orthotic options, from over the counter orthotics to our more tailored, specialised insoles.

Custom orthotics

Feet standing over assesment device

What is custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are special tailored-made footwear accessories that are specially cast from the exact anatomy of your (non-weight bearing) feet by our podiatrists. It is different from over-the-counter insole because it is unique to your feet.

Making custom orthotics is a multi-step process that includes first a thorough examination by our podiatrist, taking a cast of your foot on foam, and then sending the foam cast for manufacturing.

Specific corrections can be prescribed by our podiatrists and manufactured into our custom orthotics - these include plantar heights and arch support, heel cup depth, even medical grade support can be specifically built into our custom orthotics.

Most of our orthotics are made from high-grade thermoplastics. Cushioning materials will be added on top to complement the harder plastics and provide added comfort.

Our podiatrist will take your lifestyle and body type into consideration when choosing materials for your orthotics.

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